Alt Revue Top 30 Albums of 2021

It's time for the annual Top 30 albums of the year! With a return to some semblance of normalcy from last year's COVID stricken year, this year was an extremely difficult year to decide on the Top 30 . However, after much discussion, anguish, and jamming we were able to get our list down to what you'll find below. Did we get it right? Let us know your top albums of the year! - Alt Revue

30. Lorde - Solar Power: Lorde returned with her first release since 2017's Melodrama. Solar Power, saw the New Zealand singer-songwriter tangling with more light thematic fare. It fit in as a perfect end of summer album. What really shines on Solar Power beyond the bright melodies are Lorde's dynamic vocals. While it may not be as strong as her previous releases, we still felt it was an important album of this past year. - ml

29. Turstile - GLOW ON: A monster of an album released in late August by Baltimore hardcore punk band Turnstile, GLOW ON made waves. Featuring an appearance from British singer/songwriter and producer, Blood Orange, Turnstile went somewhere different with this one. Featuring their traditional hardcore stylings, with distorted guitars and frantic energy, GLOW ON gave listeners a previously unseen view of the band as they turned the genre of hardcore on its head. - ml

28. Sault - Nine: If you have not been listening to this band, you are missing out. With a mystery lineup, they are a mix of blues, funk, house, disco, and pop with a message. And this album was only out for 99 days before they took it off all streaming platforms. - jrs

27. Brijean - Feelings: I listened to this album more than any other album this year. My wife and I liked it so much that it was the pre-ceremony music for our wedding. For those who haven’t listened to it, Feelings is daytime disco at its best. Check out our full review here. - jrs

26. Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg: The South London four-piece dropped their debut album New Long Leg, in April. New Long Leg is chock-full of post-punk goodness. For a debut release this album has a bit of everything and really should be a part of your regular rotation. For our full review, visit. - ml