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Album Review - Wilderado: 'Wilderado'

(Photo Credit - Grant Spanier)

Album Review - Wilderado: Wilderado (October 15, 2021)

Longtime Alt Revue favorite Wilderado are dropping their debut LP this Friday! Wilderado has worked incredibly hard over the years with EP releases and singles, not to mention opening for acts such as Mt. Joy, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, White Reaper, and Catfish and the Bottleman (the last two we personally got to witness!). They've also had the opportunity to play Lollapalooza, BottleRock, and Austin City Limits. In short, you'll be hard pressed to find a band that's put in the work Wilderado has before their debut LP dropped.

A unique blend of rock, alternative, and Americana, Wilderado have built a substantial following with all their work. This comes to a head with the release of Wilderado. Their first single of the album, "Head Right" is a driving anthem that is sure to have you singing and dancing along. While "Head Right" slaps, we also can't help but love the build on the track immediately following (and latest single) "Mr. Major". Wilderado have a penchant for great builds that lead to fantastic hooks, which are often accompanied by soaring music and vocals. That's all perfectly exemplified here.

The band is perhaps their most clever on "Outside My Head" in which they play with timing on the rhythms to leave you guessing, before building to a fantastic chorus featuring some wonderful falsettos. Wilderado display this confidence and ability throughout this LP and we'd be remiss to say that we are continually impressed by this band. They continually evolve and put forth great release after release. We're so happy that their debut is here and cannot recommend it enough. Buy it, stream it, whatever...just listen to and share this music.

Rating - 5/5

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