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Advance Review - Brijean: 'Feelings'

(Photo Credit - Jack Bool)

Advance Review - Brijean: Feelings (February 26, 2021)

I listened to Brijean’s Feelings more than any other album I’ve received since writing for Alt Revue. In fact, I have already mentioned it in an article. Partially because it was emailed to me back in 2020 but also because its vibe is something I totally connect with.

The first song on Feelings is “Day Dreaming.” If you know me, you know I am a Libra, and on top of that, my October 8th birthday is the day of romance. Sometimes I look through ultra-optimistic goggles that makes life feel as if it is a daydream. With a dancing rhythm, daytime disco or back-room disco sound, hand claps and dreamy voice, we are feeling the night and have to do something, so we hop in the car to take a ride.

“Softened Thoughts” is the exciting moment when we decide to head towards a northern California beach to meet with some friends. Still cool outside, the sky is clear and the moon is bright. “And then I danced a little too/and then we start to feel it too.” I am in love with you, life, and this song.

“Pepe” is the drive, the in between, the redwood forest before the beach. The reflection of the lights in the mist and fog. The moment is brief but invigorating, a daydream in a haze before waking up to the perfection of our reality.

We are there with “Wifi Beach.” Upbeat and chill at the same time. Dancing with no aggression. Into “Feelings,” - “I’ve got feelings/sensations in my body,” and “I’m floating in motion.” – “Ocean,” and “Paradise.” The cool air heightens the feelings in our essence. We want tonight to last forever.

“Lathered in Gold” is the drive home, our bodies still tingling. We laugh and then sit quietly, listening as our car carries us through the night. I no longer know if I am awake or dreaming; I’m just happy that I am not driving. “Chester” is getting us home, where you and I can be alone. “Hey Boy,” and the night is not yet over.

“Moody” is the greatest comedown song ever. Waking up the next morning, I am sad that last night has come to an end. I roll over, look at you and realize that I still have that dreamy day-disco rhythm in my veins. I “feel so moody/might be moody/feel new things/feel new things” and know life is going to be alright.

Final Thought: This album is the perfection I need when I feel like the world is spinning out of control. Instead of fighting the current, I let go of my tensions and flow with life.

Rating - 5/5

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