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Album Review - Japanese Breakfast: 'Jubilee'

(Photo Credit - Peter Ash Lee)

Advance Review - Japanese Breakfast: Jubilee (June 4, 2021)

Japanese Breakfast (Michelle Zauner and Co.) is back with Jubilee that drops this Friday! Zauner has been seemingly everywhere as of late with the release of her book Crying in H Mart and appearances on national TV shows like The Tonight Show. Needless to say, like the title of one her tracks, Japanese Breakfast is now "Jimmy Fallon Big". And for good reason, she has earned every bit of this success with her unique indie tunes that are unlike anything else out there.

Jubilee is Zauner and Co.'s third full-length, and already features three singles, in the immensely catchy "Be Sweet", the methodical "Posing in Bondage", and the musically artful "Savage Good Boy". The rest of Jubilee is just as versatile as the preview we've been given. Zauner slows it down with the string-accompanied tune "Kokomo, IN". The perfectly-paced electronic-tinged "Sit" is another winner on the album. The album closes with a guitar-driven heavy hitter in "Posing for Cars".

Clocking in at ten tracks, Jubilee has the listener on the edge of their seat. It's brutal honesty of autobiographical lyrics show why Zauner is one of the best in the business in terms of lyricism. The themes of seeking happiness and understanding life and love are bold concepts that Zauner tackles effortlessly. There's pure joy that emits from this album, but it also takes on the journey to find that peace. With some of her most bold musical compositions, Zauner has made a bold entry for album of the year with Jubilee. Simply put, we're here for it and are glad that the public is giving Zauner and Co. the recognition they deserve. We can't wait to see the heights Jubilee propels Japanese Breakfast to and we are buckled in and ready for the ride.

Rating - 5/5

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