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Album Review - The War on Drugs: 'I Don’t Live Here Anymore'

(Photo Credit - Shawn Brackbill)

Album Review - The War on Drugs: I Don’t Live Here Anymore (October 29, 2021)

Adam Granduciel helmed The War on Drugs are back with their first studio release in four years, I Don't Live Here Anymore. It drops everywhere Friday on Atlantic Records. The Philadelphian rock band have brought us another hefty helping of their unique blend of indie, heartland rock, and synth work. Just like everything Granduciel and co. put out, I Don't Live Here Anymore has one foot planted in nostalgia, with another foot in contemporary rock. This their fifth album does not disappoint on what we've come to expect and love.

The follow-up to their Grammy Award winning 2017 release A Deeper Understanding, this album has big shoes to fill. A deeply personal odyssey of an album that took Granduciel and co. three years and seven studios, the end result is a tight, yet intricate release from the band. Each track flows one after the other, in full scope with each ranging between four to six minutes. There's a lot of build on each track which is fantastic to witness from the Pennsylvania six-piece.

There's a lot to love about I Don't Live Here Anymore, outside the fantastic singles "I Don't Live Here Anymore" and "Living Proof" our favorite track had to be the soaring track "Old Skin" (though "Rings Around My Father's Eyes was a close second) with it's harmonica work and bright melody. Though if we're being honest, I Don't Live Here Anymore is an album you put on and drift away to. That makes it the perfect album to get on vinyl, we're certainly looking forward to doing just that. Trust us on this one, this is must listen stuff from The War on Drugs.

Rating - 5/5

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