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Album Review - The Killers: 'Pressure Machine'

(Photo Credit - Danny Clinch)

Album Review - The Killers: Pressure Machine (August 13, 2021)

The Killers are back with their newest release since 2020's Imploding the Mirage. The album kicks off on a darker tone than we're used to hearing from the Las Vegas band with the track "West Hills". It's a brooding and masterful track that demands your attention. At this point, I was thinking that anything could happen on this album, and I was right. Case in point, the next two tracks "Quiet Town" and "Terrible Thing" couldn't be more different. While both surprisingly feature harmonica, "Quiet Town" is much more of a traditional track that we've come to expect from Brandon Flowers and company. Whereas "Terrible Thing" carries a weight that evokes thoughts of Bruce Springsteen's more recent work, who perhaps not so coincidentally the band recently collaborated on with their single "Dustland".

One thing is clear, the theme of religion is front and center on the band's mind on Pressure Machine. Both in lyrical themes and in clippings that adjoin the tracks themselves. Also present throughout the album is longtime guitarist Dave Keuning who returns from hiatus on Pressure Machine. And to be clear, he makes his presence known throughout the album with ripping guitar work that only he can do. The album also features a collaboration with indie superstar Phoebe Bridgers. Bridgers performs fantastic backing vocals per usual and her voice blends well with Flowers'. A collaboration we never even thought possible, but we're all here for.

Because of the proximity of their releases, we think fans will be divided between which they prefer, Imploding the Mirage or Pressure Machine. But we're here to say why not both? Pressure Machine sees the band return to a desert era feeling that we haven't seen since Sam's Town and we're all about it. One thing is for sure, even after being around for over 20 years, The Killers continue to show they know how to make music that is cutting edge.

Rating - 5/5

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