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Ray LaMontagne New Single - "Step Into Your Power"

(Photo Credit: Brian Stowell)

GRAMMY Award winning singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne has officially returned today with the lead single to his new album Long Way Home, which is set to drop August 16, 2024. "Step Into Your Power" is a bright, cheerful 70's soaked soulful song which features some fantastic choral vocal accompaniment from The Secret Sisters.

The video is also joined by a undeniably-creative stop-motion music video (featured above) that was created by LaMontagne's son Tobias! Both the song and the video are filled with such joyful sound it's hard to not tap along to the beat that is accompanied by the signature vocals that only Mr. LaMontagne can command. This one is a jam and should be on your summer playlists as you take in the fresh air at the beach or on a hike in nature. Be careful where you listen though, as you might find yourself fighting off the urge to dance!

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