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#HotTake Review - The Killers: 'Imploding the Mirage'

(Photo Credit - Olivia Bee)

#HotTake Review - The Killers: Imploding the Mirage (August 21, 2020) via Island Records

In the 16 years since they stepped on the scene, The Killers have been masters at theme and shifting it while keeping the central focus the same. That is, they have always been a synth-powered alt-pop/rock band that has produced songs that are meant to be sung. Anthems so to speak. From their very first, "Somebody Told Me" to most every track on Imploding the Mirage, the tendency is always there. The Killers can't help but be clever and catchy. This resonates from frontman Brandon Flowers to drummer Ronnie Vannucci. What's great is that for us that have been along for the journey since Hot Fuss all the way to this moment, The Killers have likely stayed among your favorite bands. And every once in a while, they come out and show why they're considered among the best in music. Imploding the Mirage is just another rendition of the Kings defending their crown.

Holding their familiar bop-worthy sound, with nods to their influences (The Smiths, New Order, etc.) Flowers and Co. have achieved another record that's so worthy of your time. It's yet another one where it will be hard to pick a favorite track, because they all glisten as bright as the stage show at a Killers concert. I don't know what else to say, this album is full of anthems you'll be sure to love that begged to be heard. There's also some great collaborations with k.d. lang and Weyes Blood on this one that are a bit of a new trick for The Killers. What rings so evidently clear is that even after 16 years, The Killers still have it.

Favorite Tracks: "Blowback", "Caution", "Lightning Fields" (feat. k.d. lang), "Running Towards A Place","My God" (feat. Weyes Blood) and "Imploding the Mirage".

Rating - 5/5

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