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"Gather Really" - MOURN in Their Own Words

(Photo Credit - Cristian Colomer Cavallari)

We got to speak with Spanish up-and-coming rockers MOURN in advance of the release of their new album 'Self Worth' which drops everywhere today! Check out what they had to say!

1. One of the things that has been discussed about your new album Self Worth is adversity. Can  you speak to how adversity has impacted the final product of Self Worth

"Adversity has always been one of the themes that inspire us to write because it challenges your life in a way. Whenever there's an issue or problem we always discuss it and we end up writing about it. Keeping in touch with your friends and feeling the power and support when sharing your experiences has also inspired us through the writing process of the new album."

2. Your sound has an interesting blend of rock, garage, and punk elements to it. Can you talk a bit about your influences and your sound? 

"We always like finding new albums from artists that play different "genres". Been a huge fan of Sunny Day Real Estate, The Clash, PJ Harvey, Throwing Muses, Fugazi and Patti Smith forever. A big inspiration to our sound is the hardcore Catalan scene from la Costa Brava but mainly our intuition and our way of playing."

3. Can you tell us about the writing, recording, and promotion process for Self Worth

"We started writing "Self Worth" back in May 2019 in a little house in the South of France, we decided that it'd be great to write somewhere else, calm and free of city noises. There we wrote the first lyrics, riffs and songs. When we came back home we spent the summer with Leia and Victor in the rehearsal space finishing all the music. We recorded the album in a country house surrounded by horses in 2 weeks. We always love recording with people we know and trust. The promotion process of the new album has been a bit different this time. We're doing all the press through our computers and less of actual interviews. What is going to be absolutely different is going to be "touring"."

4. What are the most significant impacts that the COVID 19 pandemic has had for you all as a band? 

"Basically, we feel like we lost our job in a way. Most of our job consists of touring and the majority of our shows have been cancelled. Also, we're trying to find other jobs to sustain our lives..."

"All the work, time and money that we've put into the new album is going to be affected of course by this situation. But we also try to think positively and we hope we can have a solution for touring soon."

5. What’s next for MOURN? 

"Right now we are focusing on recording music videos, doing press, doing a few shows here in Spain and France (hopefully they don't get cancelled) and working on our mental health and trying our best to keep going as artists."

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