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Experimenting in Music: An Interview with Red Ribbon

(Photo Credit - Kelsey Hart)

We were able to interview alternative artist Red Ribbon about her new album 'Planet X'! Check out what she had to say!

1. You have said that you like to be experimental in your performances and songs so that you can allow yourself to do something and possibly never repeat it. Is this freeing musically? In music today we hear so much about artists being boxed and categorized into genres, etc. Does this allow you to escape this a bit, or escape the conventional/expected? "I have enjoyed being experimental in my performances and songs and I have also been forced to. I tried to duplicate a song but it was a failure. Great question. Yeah! It definitely does - you gotta try more than one genre and decompartmentalize music frameworks to become more free."

2. You’ve spoken about how music turns your pain into a process, can you speak to the healing that you’ve said occurs through this process?

"Appreciating the process is the only balm for past and future pain. Writing and playing music is the closest I have come to distracting myself enough to just fuckin chill. haha."

3. Some of your tracks like “High” are multi-layered or have double meanings. Do you set about this intentionally, or does this flow more naturally for you as you’re writing a song?

"Yeah! I believe flow more naturally like a river. I'll send you a field recording in this email of some water" (She totally did send us a recording of a river) 4. Your highly anticipated new LP Planet X drops on June 11th, can you speak a little bit about the writing and recording process for this new record?

"Randall Dunn Produced, Heba Kadry Mastered, Abbey Blackwell, Veronica Dye, Shahzad Ismaily, and Monika Khot playing with me. I wrote these songs mostly while touring my last record Dark Party in North America." 5. What’s next for you?

"My next record is written, time to record. Playing shows with people would be great. Plan to tour EU. All this but may as well be blind if you are just seeking control."

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