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EP Review - fanclubwallet: 'Hurt is Boring'

EP Review - fanclubwallet: Hurt is Boring (May 14, 2021)

Before diving into this EP review, I'd like to provide some context from which it was written. fanclubwallet, (Hannah Judge) debuted her single "Car Crash in G Major" and three days suffered a Crohn's disease flare up that left her bed ridden for 10 months. In that time she was able to develop Hurt is Boring. The result is a fantastic low-key, quirky, piece of bedroom-pop that you simply have to hear.

Featuring Judge's signature vocal style and guitar-driven melodies, fanclubwallet is very much in the singer/songwriter vein of alt-superstars like Soccer Mommy. I think fanclubwallet has that potential. Hurt is Boring tackles intense topics such as heartbreak, queer love, and boredom. The pandemic has been wrought with isolation and boredom and Judge tackles the issue perfectly. On the EP's closer, “Hurt is boring, but so is happiness. And I think that I like one more than the other”. That's songwriting.

Rating - 4.5/5

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