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EP Review: Bad Suns - 'Infinite Joy'

Los Angeles bred Bad Suns announced a new EP called Infinite Joy which drops everywhere this Friday, November 17th. The first fragment that was released was “The One I Used To Love” on September 7th. The Indie-Rock, Post-punk vibes from Apocalypse Whenever released January 2022 have carried over to the Infinite Joy.

Starting the project off with “Lunar Shadows“ gives a taste of the new EP which is guitar and drum heavy. The band hits with a sonic style that is new wave indie rock with a bit of mastic early indie music.


Christo Bowman spoke on the EP in a presser and stated: “In October of 2022 I got clean after a decade spent battling with alcohol abuse. In the direct aftermath, it was like experiencing an entire ten years’ worth of growth, in a matter of months. Growth doesn’t occur independent of pain, sorrow, joy - every emotion imaginable. I had to go through all of it, and resist none of it. It’s a journey I will be on for the rest of my life. Knowing this background information provides a little more insight into Bowman's songwriting process for the EP.

Rating - 5/5

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