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Album Review - Wavves: 'Hideaway'

(Photo Credit - Jesse Lirola)

Album Review - Wavves: Hideaway (July 16, 2021) Fat Possum Records

Wavves are back with some sounds of the summer for you on their new release, Hideaway. It kicks off with "Thru Hell" a track that instantly makes me want to drive 80mph on a highway with the windows down in the sunshine. The album clocks in at a streamlined nine tracks. However, they're all worthwhile and make an impression on the listener. "Help on the Way" sticks out because of it serves almost as an homage to alt in the past, with an infectious hook that reminds me of alt of the 90's.

Wavves mix in other genres into their fantastic alt sound, such as the surf sounding leads on "Sinking Feeling". Altogether, it makes for something that just jumps off the record at you. In "The Blame", the band incorporates some Western style to the rhythm for something unique. Simply put, you're not sure what to expect from Wavves on this one and that is a good thing. They don't box themselves in with preconceived genre expectations. And we're here for it.

Rating - 3.5/5

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