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Album Review: PVRIS - 'EVERGREEN'

Assertive from the first song, “I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore,” PVRIS will be heard.

According to Lyndsey Gunnulfsen (aka Lynn Gunn) in the press release, “If you search the definition of ‘evergreen,’ you will find words like: enduring, timeless, fresh, unlimited, and renewal.” She further explains, “In our modern culture where everything is online, algorithm-based, and instantaneous, it feels like timelessness, longevity, and connection could someday become dying concepts.” I think that is thoughtful and beautiful. However, when I listen to this album, Evergreen, I think of vegetation that stays green and awake all seasons. Yet it is nowhere to be seen. Instead, the sound gives me a cityscape and an industrial world. That’s the writer in me, and I had to get it out because sometimes words are loaded. We must be conscious of what we say; they may trigger unintended reactions. I feel better, and now I am going to argue with myself. Stay with me; I will get there.

“I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore” could be Gen Z’s theme song. Lynn Gunn may officially be a millennial, and her generation probably thinks it more than anyone else. Still, those younger than her are actually out there, screaming it to the world. Intense yet catchy, the opening song perfectly sets the mood for Evergreen. Gunn and PVRIS have thoughts and emotions about the state of the world, and they will share them freely.

Sounding at times reminiscent of Haley Williams, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears (in “Goddess”), and L’FREAQ, her style covers a range of alt-pop. Especially in the first seven songs. (Wait until you get to “Hype Zombies.” She gets very industrial.) They are all great songs that will help her get a Grammy nod. However, I am most interested in the change that occurs further in the album.

Remember when I said there was no evergreen, only the city landscape, concrete roads, and garbage blowing in the wind? “Anywhere But Here” changes that. It feels like we are escaping the stress and environment of the first two-thirds of Evergreen and hitting the road.

Sitting in the passenger seat, arm out of the window riding the waves of the wind, and not talking. Just listening to the absence of the urban buzz. Followed by “Headlights,” we get further from the city, into the countryside, where green is forever. The anger is gone, and we can release the other feelings: annoyance, fear, and sadness. “Love Is A…” continues this cleanse. By the time we get to “Evergreen,” we feel rejuvenated, ready to return to the battle.

Final Thought: I really do think PVRIS is going to get some positive recognition for this album. People will see the album title as her evergreen tenacious attitude and drive.

Favorite Songs: “I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore,” “Goddess,” and “Anywhere But Here”

Rating - 4.75/5

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