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Album Review: Madison Cunningham - 'Revealer'

Updated: May 3, 2023

Madison Cunningham is back with her new album Revealer! Fresh off a summer off of opening for My Morning Jacket in 2022 and Harry Styles in 2021, along with some nationally televised performances on Colbert and Corden, she is ready to take the alt world by storm. And to be honest, we're ready to watch her do it. We saw her open for My Morning Jacket in Austin this summer and she was fantastic live, so we're here for her arrival on the big scene.

Upon a first listen to Revealer, it was a much different album than I initially anticipated. Maybe I judged a book by it's cover, but I expected something more Americana or folk inspired. What I got was something more alt/indie with a tinge of pop. What was especially great was the guitar work by Cunningham which I appreciated the effects she chose, because I'm a fuzz fanboy. On the themes of Revealer, Cunningham has been quoted as saying “To me, Revealer is the binding theme of the album...The hand that slowly chips away at the mirror in which you see yourself and the world and replaces it with the reflection that is most true.”

Cunningham does buck convention on this album and doesn't tend to isolate herself in a genre box, the biggest example of this can be found midway on the album on "Life According to Raechel". It's a slow building tune that features string accompaniment but it really highlights Cunningham's vocal work. Revealer is an album full of peaks from the hit "Hospitals" to "Who Are You Now?" there's a lot to love here. Cunningham is getting attention from the mainstream and for good reason. Revealer should continue that trend for her.

Rating - 4.5/5

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