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Album Review - Lorde: ‘Solar Power’

(Photo Credit - Ophelia Mikkelson Jones)

Album Review - Lorde: Solar Power (August 20, 2021)

Lorde is back after four long years and we're excited. She just dropped Solar Power, a bright album that takes a more laid back approach to her sound than what she's traditionally displayed. Solar Power features a stripped back alt sound that is not nearly as poppy as what Lorde has normally done. But honestly, we love the versatility shown by Lorde on this one. This is perhaps never more present than it is on the track "Big Star" where Lorde lets her fantastic vocals shine above a laid back guitar melody.

The album overall has a return to basics vibe that Lorde conjured with her mega producer the one and only Jack Antonoff. Even the more poppy efforts on Solar Power like recent single "Mood Ring" have a refreshing stripped feel to them. While the the alt-pop that Lorde displays on this album may be a little more subdued than her stuff of the past, that doesn't mean it's not full of songs that bop. On the contrary, Solar Power is the perfect album to cap the summer from one of the top voices in music today. We're glad she's back.

Rating - 5/5

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