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Album Review - Godcaster: 'Long Haired Locusts'

(Photo Credit - Godcaster)

Album Review - Godcaster: Long Haired Locusts (September 4, 2020)

As soon as I started listening to this album, I thought, Yes, something like LCD Soundsystem. Then, I heard Phish. Then Frank Zappa. The Beatles. Pink Floyd. Primus. But all the early albums of all these bands. Then I thought, Wait. If my children made a band that played music with the sounds that they grew up to, this album would be it. I can either accept that as, I am old, or I can say that my favorite band still or have begun to influence this upcoming generation of music.

Mr. Dramatic at it again. Everything album I write about I reference something from my past. However, Long Haired Locusts really does touch on my favorites. Listen to it.

“Even Your Blood is Electric” – LCD Soundsystem. Even the title sounds like them.

“Apparition of the Virgin Mary in My Neighborhood” – Phish and Primus. Ever heard of Oysterhead?

“Sassy Stick Boy” – The Flaming Lips

“Dirtbike Bike (Vaccine Girl)” – I can’t nail this one, but it is my favorite off the album.

“Don’t Make Stevie Wonder” – Primus and LCD Soundsystem and early ‘80s punk

“Serpentine Carcass Crus Birth” – I just like writing out these titles.

“Christ in Capsule Form” – Frank Zappa

Ok. You get the point.

Final Thought: Don’t get me wrong. Just because I hear other bands does not mean Godcaster is not creative. They are funny and intelligent, and this is their debut album. I cannot wait to see where they go because they have a sound I am drawn to.

Other Favorite Songs: “All the Feral Girls in the Universe,” “Bingo Bodies/Long Haired Locusts,” and “Even Your Blood is Electric”

Rating - 4.25 out of 5

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