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Album Review: Arkells - 'Laundry Pile'

Arkells are back with their latest release Laundry Pile, an almost surprise addition to their discography after their recently dropped projects Blink Once and Blink Twice. Frontman Max Kerman was unsure what he had with the demos for the project. In a press release Kerman stated “I had no expectations to do anything with the material, but then the band came to the rescue. It was very all-hands-on-deck. The more we meditated on the music, the more connected we became to the songs and to each other."

Arkells offer a little bit of everything in Laundry Pile and each track builds upon the next. They slow things down with tracks like "Life Is" and "Laundry Pile". Then it takes things to a new level with tracks like "Your Name" that are almost a religious experience. It's tough to pick a favorite track on this one because they each bring something unique to the table. So we'd recommend getting the vinyl and giving it a spin. We think you're going to like what you hear.

Rating - 5/5

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