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Advance Review - Toledo: 'Jockeys of Love' EP

(Photo Credit - Nick Ventura)

Advance Review - Toledo: Jockeys of Love EP (February 12, 2020)

New York duo Toledo are back with a new EP, Jockeys of Love. The EP is chock full of clever takes on difficult subject matter such as relationship issues, anxiety, and alcoholism all wrapped in very methodic melodies that don't necessarily reflect its subject matter. Jockeys of Love represents continued musical evolution for the duo, particularly given the circumstances in which it was written. Written during the COVID-19 pandemic and during a budding of a new romance for Daniel Alvarez and also in the shadow of the end of a relationship for Jordan Dunn-Pilz, all this can be felt.

Jockeys of Love moves the needle for the Brooklyn duo. For a six song EP you get a lot with this one. Just calling it now, but Toledo are a band to keep your eye on as they emerge from a crowded alternative scene. With Jockeys of Love, they definitely have a winner on their hands.

Rating - 4/5

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