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Advance Review - Hazel English: 'Wake UP!'

Advance Review - Hazel English: Wake UP! (April 24, 2020) via Polyvinyl Record Co.

Sydney-born artist Hazel English has turned in a glittery alt-pop album in Wake UP! that feels classic and contemporary simultaneously. It's chock full of fantastic vocals from English, guitar driven melodies, and warm sound in the melodies that make me think of tube amps.

Some of my favorite tracks from the album include: "Born Like", "Combat", and "Five and Dime" just to name a few. Comps that come to mind for English include Jenny Lewis and Maggie Rogers (particularly vocally). There are also elements of more 60's inspired music. But don't get it confused, the blend of all of the elements of her music makes English's take on alt-pop something that is uniquely her own.

English tangles with themes of power and relationships throughout the record. Whether these power struggles take place in relationships of a romantic manner or the relationship is with the music industry, it's all open for examination here. And her lyrics tangle with these issues in a unique way.

Overall, with Wake UP! English has produced a winner that will be up there in the upper echelons of albums released this year. The sky is the limit for the California-based artist and I can say I'm on board.

Rating - 4.5/5

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