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Advance Review - Diet Cig: 'Do You Ever Wonder About Me?'

(Photo Credit - Emily Dubin)

Advance Review - Diet Cig: Do You Ever Wonder About Me? (May 1, 2020)

After three years since their first album, Slop-Pop duo Diet Cig is back with Do You Wonder About Me? The term Slop Pop can briefly be summed up as the music that Juno would have listened to in the film Juno (1970). The album was preempted by a few singles, the first one being “Night Terrors”. Night Terrors exemplifies a “Coming of Age” sound for the group while keeping the energy that has made them mainstays within their genre.

The second track on the album, Who Are You?, seems to work in duality with the title, both posing questions and showing the duality of dealing with an ex partner. The title of the album is the question that is asked when one is longing to be with someone. This track presents the flip side of the coin and poses “Who are you, to say I’m sorry when we both know you’d it all over again?”. The presentation of love and attraction is something everyone has felt at some point.

The best part of the album is a three track run in the middle. The balladic “Priority Mail” clocks in at only 53 seconds, just quick enough to express a feeling of growing apart due to distance and nuances of everyday life. “Broken Body” comes crashing in with heavy chords and syncopated drums. “Makeout”(Interlude) slows it back down with a pleasant repetition of the phrase “If you wanted me to say I love you, well I do”.

Diet Cig’s Do You Wonder About Me? will come as a delight for fans. The duo stayed true to their sound while also showing a maturation in composition and writing between their two albums. Diet Cig is known for their high energy on stage, high kicking their way across it. The way this album slows down on some tracks will add another experience for fans at their shows.

Diet Cig begins their newest tour May 14th, 2020.

Rating - 4/5

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