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Advance Review - Dana Gavanski: 'Yesterday is Gone'

(Photo Credit - Tess Roby)

Advance Review - Dana Gavanski: Yesterday is Gone (March 27, 2020) on Ba Da Bing Records

Dana Gavanski's writing process for Yesterday is Gone was one of isolation. Not just for isolation's sake, but rather to better connect with emotion and to get a further understanding of the writing process. The result? A ten track album album about letting things go that are out of your control and leaning into the result.

Yesterday is Gone is an optimist's version of alternative with folk leanings at its core. Davanski's vocals are gripping throughout. It sits over a backdrop of delicately plucked guitar, gentle melodies, horns, and more. Davanski is gentle in her touch when she needs to be and can push the issue when warranted.

Some bright spots of the album for me happened right at the start. "One by One" and "Catch" are both hyper focused alt-folk tunes that have an upswing of energy to them. Other highlights of Yesterday is Gone include "Good Instead of Bad", which very much feels like an homage to songs past. Particularly in the diction with which Davanski sings and the melody that is perfectly paired with it. Davanski can shake it up and does with tracks like "Small Favours", which feature just the slightest touch of distortion on the guitars throughout. It makes the electronic play that occurs over it and the vocal layering pop right off the track.

For a debut, there's a lot to love here. Davanski has the vocal chops and musical sensibilities to emerge big time on the indie folk scene. I think Yesterday is Gone is the first big-step in what will be many for her career.

Rating - 4/5

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