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Alt Revue Recommendation - Linda from Work

Every once in a while we'll stumble across a band that we got to get out there to you all immediately. It can't wait for the Music You Need to Know! These are our Alt Revue recommendations, where we highlight a band we've found that you need to hear, like right now.

Alt Revue Recommendation - Linda from Work, Two Weeks Notice EP (Seattle, Washington)

Linda from Work is a female fronted indie rock band from Seattle, Washington that combines elements of indie and garage rock. The ending result is a sound you'll be sure to move to. They just dropped their debut EP, Two Week's Notice which can be found here. The EP is extremely strong featuring great tracks like "Gold Star", "Moon Sign", "Blue Line", and "Secrets".

"Gold Star" kicks the album off with melodic guitar and bass work, killer drum fills, and awesome vocals. Linda from Work evokes strong comps to alternative from the 90's like The Breeders but with more of a garage edge to them. "Moon Sign" has a bit of a surfer rock edge to it with the guitar work. The pace is quickening throughout the track and the drums really carry that for the most part. Though they're later joined by guitar and bass. "Secrets" features lead singer Hillary Tusik showing off some of her vocal range. It's pure indie rock goodness. The lyrics have such a narrative style feel to them, it's as if Tusick is laying out a story for you. It's a hell of a way to close an EP.

Rating - 4/5

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