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Music You Need to Know - 11/20/2019

Welcome to our continuing series Music You Need to Know! Here we search high and low to bring you some of the best of what alt has to offer that you might not have heard! Check it out!

1. Margaret Glaspy - (For fans of Julien Baker) Margaret Glaspy has a great alt sensibility to her music with a vocal style that is all her own. She's definitely a must for your "check out" list.

2. Islands - (For fans of Arcade Fire) Islands uniquely mix indie and pop elements together to make a fun and energetic sound you'll be sure to love.

3. James McMurtry - (For fans of Jason Isbell) With a biting edge as sharp as a razor, McMurtry's particular blend of alt-country is perfect for those that love blues infused rock.

4. The Futureheads - (For fans of The Killers) Blending alt, indie, and post-punk perfectly, The Futureheads are a band that have a bold sound that's just itching for wide radio play.

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