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Advance Review - Palm Haze - 'Rêve Bleu'

(Photo Credit - Fløver)

Advance Review - Palm Haze - Rêve Bleu (August 30, 2019)

Palm Haze is the duo of vocalist and bassist Anna Wagner and guitarist and producer Lucas Inacio aka Fløver. The release of Rêve Bleu marks their sophomore release. With a bit about the band said, let's get to the music! "Drop In" immediately grabs you with a sound that evokes comps to Breeders. It's an absolutely captivating track both vocally and musically. The guitars from Fløver jump right off the track with their in your face intensity. 

Another track that jumped out was "Second Round". It incorporates an almost industrial guitar beat. Comp-wise, it reminded me of NIN which is awesome. Wagner's vocals were elusive as the barrage of music came at you. Out of nowhere it slows down, right near the end, just as you hit the exit point. All wrapped up as a package it's a pretty cool experience. 

There were some ups and downs for me with this album. I loved "Drop In", "Second Round", and "Almost Soon". Those were by far the strongest on the albums. My biggest criticism is that I wish there was more. The album featured seven tracks, two of which were instrumentals (one short and another longer). When you make an album with only seven songs you need to bring bangers with each and every song. That said don't underestimate Palm Haze's talent, it's evident and it's plentiful. I'm excited for their future. 

Tracks I'd Recommend - "Drop In", "Second Round" and "Almost Soon".

Rating - 3.5/5

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