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Advance Review - Phebe Starr - 'Ice Tea Liberace'

(Photo Credit - She is Aphrodite / @sheisaphrodite)

Advance Review - Phebe Starr - Ice Tea Liberace (August 30, 2019)

If you're a fan of bold alt-pop, Phebe Starr's Ice Tea Liberace is going to be right up you alley. The beats are tight and Starr's vocals float effortlessly over the melody. She's also an artist that is quick to turn a phrase in her lyrics and pulls this off effortlessly with her dynamic vocals.

Ice Tea Liberace kicks off with the emotionally charged "TOUCH XXX". Starr's vocals boom over piano and a slight beat throughout. It builds towards a fantastic chorus that grabs you and doesn't let go. "Bad News" is up next, it is again in the alt-pop realm. Starr shows of her vocal ability, when she lays bars on the verses before she glides effortlessly into the hook. She shows off great range in this one with some implementation of a great falsetto. The lyrics are emotive and so strong. "Ice Tea Liberace" melds elements of alt-pop and hip hop for a unique flow on the verses where Starr again shows off her ability to spit verses. There are some great vocal sections on the track as well, so it has a bit of something for everyone. "Break the Law" is another track that does a great job of mixing styles, as it's primarily an alt-pop song with elements of rock and hip hop. Despite the dynamic melody that plays throughout, Starr is the center of attention on this one as she's everywhere here.

Phebe Starr is an artist on the rise to keep an eye on as she builds her musical resume. All four songs on this EP were just so damn strong, there is not a weak spot here at all. I just wish I had more tracks!

Rating - 4.5/5

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