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#HotTake Review - Young Andrew

#HotTake Review - Young Andrew - Lamplighter

Look out Alt Revue Nation, Young Andrew is coming in hot! Their new EP, Lamplighter, contains so many haunting guitar riffs that I cannot seem to get out of my head, and I love it! What stood out in this album was the theme of life, love, and everything in between not being what we intend, or even want it to be. This album has a flow that goes from love, to life, to coping, to finally realizing two people were destroyed due to blind ignorance. Listening to this album and attempting to decipher the lyrics was the most exciting thing I have done in weeks. This EP definitely caught my attention both musically and lyrically. Watching this story play out through these five tacks has me definitely craving more of Young Andrew.

I will admit my favorite song on Lamplighter has to be "Dad Bod" (Not for the hilarity of the name). The song captures the listener in a trance of apathy about their life. Life is sometimes difficult, but we have to accept what happens to us.

Lamplighter by Young Andrew dropped June 14, 2019. Located on multiple streaming services, Young Andrew was a treat to listen to, and I anticipate more amazing music from this band!

Rating - 3.5/5

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