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#SundayFunday Setlist

Welcome to the #SundayFunday Setlist. Today, we will focus on Alt Revue jams that can make your Sunday count. This will be a mix of easy listening alt, get up and get down alt, and songs for the soul. Coming from the midwest, we are seeing quite the dreary day. Take in tunes from Father John Misty, Night Riots, and more!

Father John Misty - Mr. Tillman

If you truly plan to get rowdy on this Sunday funday, check out "Mr. Tillman" by Father John Misty. This might as well be the soundtrack of the exuberant rock star lifestyle that we all wish we could enjoy at least once. Father John Misty assures everyone there is no need for concern as he goes through a drug and booze-fueled bender.

Night Riots - Contagious

If you're looking to get some things accomplished today, let Night Riots cheer you on. This is the anthem for when you're needing serious motivation. To us, this has little to do with the actual lyrics and more to do with the pumped up chorus. Pay no attention to the rather dreary lyrics, unless you're in your feels today...then do.

Glass Animals - Gooey

This is just a nice, groovy, funky track. The beat and melody almost pick you up and carry you around. Jam this if you're having a chill day and want something to groove to. Glass Animals have another great track, "Black Mambo," that has a similar feel.

311 - Weightless

This track comes from one of their later albums, Universal Pulse. In our opinions, this album didn't quite get the recognition deserved for these longtime alt rockers. This is one of their more melodic singalong tracks. The way all the pieces come together makes us think of a melding between their older punk style and their modern alt sound. These guys keep entertaining and if you can catch them at a live show, do yourselves a favor and go.

Sublime - What I Got

If you say you don't jam out when this track is on no matter what the circumstance or situation, you're lying. This song is a quick pick me up on crappy days. All you have to do is jam and sing along and you are taken straight to sunny California. At least, that's what happens to us.

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