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Advance Review - Quiet Kids EP

We had the opportunity to get advance access to Quiet Kids' self-titled EP! The band that hails from McAllen, TX has opened for acts such as Mitski, Angel Olsen, Miniature Tigers and have been played SXSW. Check out our track by track review of their EP!

Quiet Kids - Quiet Kids EP 

Quiet Kids' EP begins with "White Noise", an indie-pop/electronic fusion that features fantastic synth work throughout. Melodic vocals that often subtly slip into a delicate falsetto are present throughout the track courtesy of vocalist and songwriter Andy Peña. Up next is "Wake Up", which immediately starts with strong keys and vocal harmonies. This track blends the dream-pop, indie, and electronic genres beautifully for high listenability and what could be a breakout single.     

"My Moon" opens with a vocal harmony that evokes comps to Fleet Foxes, it's just that strong. It's accompanied by a classic electronic melody that infuses bits of 80s nostalgia and sprinkles of hip-hop. Thematically, the song touches on themes of love. This song also begs to be played on the radio, it's simply fantastic. "Tidal Wave" is again in the indie-pop and electronic genres, specifically retrowave melodies.  The retro electronic melody evokes comps to acts like Gunship and Timecop1983, at least musically. This track like others on the EP is just downright addicting to listen to.

"Instrumental" is a change of pace track to cleanse the palate before the final song. With "On Your Mind", we are again in the indie-pop and electronic genres. Peña's vocals move in trance-like wave until the hook where they break out with the line "Next time say what's on your mind".  It's truly a magnificent piece of vocalization and musicianship from the group. I absolutely loved the hook in this song and the more subdued verses accompanied it perfectly. Thematically, we are dealing with interpersonal relationships again, which Quiet Kids write well. I think this could be a radio single as well, it just needs to be. 

Closing Thoughts: Absolutely fantastic effort from Quiet Kids! They have a unique style and manner of musical storytelling and they do it damn well. They effortlessly blend genres to their will to produce something that is creative, distinct, and fresh. The only complaint I had on the EP was the inclusion of a change of pace track when there were so few tracks to begin with. But that's really because I wanted more Quiet Kids! You simply have to check these guys out, they are going places. 

Rating 4.5/5

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