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The Friday 5 - 3/22/19

"Superposition"-Young The Giant

This song sounds like the combination of the banjo Mumford and Sons sound mixed with electronic music. The combination actually sounds really good along with the easy going sounds of Sameer Gadhia's vocals. This song is of the band's new LP titled Mirror Master and I highly recommend checking it out. When you do, listen to this song first, it won’t disappoint.

I enjoyed the chill vibes this song and it is a nice listen when you are looking for some easy listening. According to, this song explores the idea of unrequited love by using metaphors and classic story telling. The narrator in the song expresses their love for someone even though there is a divide between this person and the person they love.

"Timebomb"-Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon does a good job at making alternative music that feels good to sing and dance along to. The chorus of this song is infectious and is my favorite part of the song. To me, this is the signature of Walk The Moon. They are a band that knows how to write songs that make you feel good when you are down. I think this is one of the reasons why they have been so successful over the past couple of years.

“Timebomb” is a dance floor type of song and that is what makes it so good. It is the band’s latest single and as a fan of theirs it makes me excited to see what else they have in store for the rest of the year. Check out this song when you have the chance, but also be prepared to feel like dancing as soon as you listen to it!

"Salvation"-The Strumbellas

You ever listen to some songs and it sounds like it is the perfect song for a camping trip singalong. The song also has some really cool old school vibes to it as well. This is also a song you should listen to when you feel down as well. Unlike Walk the Moon this song does not have a dance beat that makes you smile, it is the lyrics and the fun energy from the song that makes it so good.

Also, if you have the opportunity I would check out the music video. It is very sweet and features some great dance moves from some families. Over all this song is a great listen and kind of makes you feel warm on the inside, just like a good camping trip or sitting around a fire.

"Funny Business"-Alice Merton

I have been super interested in Alice Merton since hearing her song “No Roots.” Her voice not only sounds amazing, but I am into her very unique sound. I also like the lyrics of her songs as well and “Funny Business” is no different. In this song it sounds like she is talking about a relationship that is not going in the right direction. It sounds like her and this person don’t have trust.

I love how she writes songs that have such emotion, but at the same time this songs have a sort of cool way of talking about these emotions. She is an artist that wears her heart on her sleeve and is not afraid to take some risks at the same time.

"Still Feel"-Half Alive

This song has a vintage feel and modern electronic feel to it. I love how the song switches between the two styles. The transition is flawless and sounds amazing. This song has an great groove to it and I enjoy so much and think that this song is a huge hit for this up in coming band.

According to, this song explores the idea of hope inside of hopelessness. It also talks about finding ones passion even though one might feel like they have been uprooted and thrown out of their comfort zone. Also, I would check out this music video if you have the chance as well, it also features some pretty cool dance moves.

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