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Film Schooled: Peach Pit

My liking of Peach Pit is as absurd as their Music video for "Alrighty Aphrodite". I usually don’t frequent the pop side of rock but their echoey heartfelt sound makes up for their corny lyrics and typical composed hook. Every time I watch their music video for "Alrighty Aphrodite" I find myself believing them more and more and acknowledging they really are who they are. On a first watch you notice, obviously, that the video is being played backward. On multiple watches, I realized how weird it felt hearing a drum hit while seeing the stick away from the drum head or a hand away from a guitar as a guitar strum is occurring. Then I noticed how none of their instruments are plugged in. This normally would irk me and pull me out of the Mise-en-scène of a piece, but it makes me love this one even more.

On my most recent watch of this video I commended Peach Pit’s undying commitment to their work. What more can you ask of an artist who’s willing to roll around in freezing rain while theirs clearly snow in ground? I do ponder though, is this video really a story of the exhaustion the band feels as they hit the road? Although they seem popular by their number of song plays on Spotify the ooze the gutsy nature of a DIY band, confirmed by them being starting in their van as we see their journey begin to unfold in reverse. We always see a band and assume their fresh as they begin a show with enthusiasm, but we never really question what their previous 24 hours had been.

All in all, I get down with Peach Pit. Their sound and style is authentic. I haven’t seen turtle necks rocked so hard in a couple decades, at least. Songs are always come upon that are catchy but so few lead down rabbit holes of bands that are worthy of a thorough listen. My rabbit hole to Peach Pit came from Frankie (Senior Contributor), as they always do.

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