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gƱdnaIt, aI lɅv jƱ (I’m “In Rainbows”)

     I had planned a very Jesse discussion about the value of music and how it is necessary for grounding my mind, but...

15 Steps

“How come I end up where I started?/How come I end up where I went wrong?”


“I do not understand/What it is I’ve done wrong”

“I have no idea what I am talking about/I’m trapped in this body and can’t get out”


“Don’t get any big ideas/They’re not gonna happen”

“Now that you’ve found it, it’s gone/Now that you feel it, you don’t/You’ve gone off the rails”

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

“Yeah, everybody leaves/If they get the chance”

“I get eaten by the worms/And weird fishes/Picked over by the worms”

“Yeah I/I’ll hit the bottom”

All I need

“It’s all wrong, it’s all wrong, it’s all wrong”

Faust Arp

“It’s on again, off again, on again/Watch me fall/Like Dominoes/In pretty patterns”

“Dead from the neck up”

“I love you but enough is enough, enough of that stuff/There’s no real reason”


“Bittersweet distractors”

“Reckoner/Take me with you”

House of Cards

“And fall off the table/Get swept under/Denial, denial”

Jigsaw Falling into Place

“Words are blunt instruments/Words are sawn-off shotguns”


 “This is my way of saying goodbye/Because I can’t do it face to face”

“You shouldn’t be afraid/Because I know today has been/The most perfect day I’ve ever seen.”

     Yeah, I know I am mostly using Radiohead’s lyrics, but who knows, maybe now they will contact me.

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