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Blue October Concert Review - 11/25/18

Blue October-Review

Going into the final leg of the bands tour, Blue October did not disappoint with their show Sunday, November 25th. Opening with the song “Daylight” off of their new album I Hope You’re Happy, Blue October kicked their hour and a half show off with a bang. The band played at Concrete Street Amphitheater in Corpus Christi, Texas to an unusually cold night. But, this show was filled with so much energy that no one noticed the cold by the end of the show.

Listening to Blue October’s music can leave one feeling inspired and a little bit emotional. I feel like I was left feeling happy, but also thinking about my life choices and how to be a better person. Which is a good thing, but not something I expected. The set ranged from well-known classics from the band to new ones that some of the audience recognized from the band’s new album.

I was pleased by how the band sounded live. They sounded fresh and sounded really close to how they sound on their albums. I especially noticed this when the band played the song, “Colors Collide,” again off of their new album. Songs like this they performed well and everyone in the band was tight and in the pocket. Sometimes when hearing a rock band live for the first time, after hearing them on the radio for so long, the band could sound nothing like the band you grew to love. But, I am proud to say that Blue October is not one of those bands.

I really enjoyed watching this performance. And I am pretty sure I was not the only one who enjoyed myself. The audience reacted well to the bands performance and really got pumped when songs like “Hate Me” and “I Hope You’re Happy” came on. According to the band, it had been ten years since they performed in Corpus Christi and based off of the audience reception last night, this audience was excited for their return.

A Blue October show is one that will bring you nostalgia and a good time. They sound amazing live and they know how to keep an audience engaged while performing or even when the lead singer is engaging the crowd between songs. I saw people of all ages enjoying the show and I can see this is a band people have loved since the early 2000’s. If you have the opportunity to check out this band, I say you should and you could bring the whole family if you want to!        

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