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Presented with Comment - Best Alt Supergroup

It is time for our Sunday piece, Presented with Comment, where each week Michael and Nicholas La Torre take a turn engaging in a debate over alt topics of interest and gauging the audience's views on the issues at hand. To do this, the authors will present examples to support their opinions and not only get the audience's view on the two sides presented, but seek feedback from the audience on alternatives as well.​

This week we are debating the best alt supergroup. As I thought about who I would like to use for this debate, a couple of different groups came to mind. However, I kept going back to one in particular the recently formed Boygenius. I thought to myself "Can I really use them, they have been around for less that a year?". I thought about their impact on music thus far and I realized, I most definitely have to argue for Boygenius. 

Boygenius was formed by alt superstars Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. They were originally planning a tour with the three, however the discussions grew into Boygenius. Soonafter, the group recorded a self-titled EP and began a tour to promote it. The name Boygenius cames as a dig at patriarchy in society. It is completely appropriate given that the members of this group are three of alt's leading women. 

With all that being said, why is Boygenius the best alt supergroup? First, they couldn't have formed at a better time. In an era where male artists are booked far more than female artists, it's great to see three of alt's best female artists joining forces and kicking ass on the music scene. I'm looking forward to what comes from Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus individually and with Boygenius. 

Another reason why I feel that Boygenius is the best alt supergroup is because you'll find no weak link here. All three of these artists joined this group at the height of their powers, this is truly what a supergroup is all about. Many times, supergroups will form with one or two especially strong members and then a couple of throw-in members. All three of the women in this group are integrally involved in the music and vocals of this group. I think that's what sets them apart a bit. Again, I can't wait to see what the future holds for them individually and as a group.

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