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The Indie Update - 11/21/18


Michael Nelson, also known BANNΞRS, released his first EP, Banners, in January 2016. The EP featured his first singles: “Shine a Light”, “Ghosts”, and “Start a Riot”. “Shine a Light” made it to the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 list and was featured in the FIFA 16 video game.  In November 2017, He released his second EP, Empires on Fire. The new EP is most known for the song “Someone to You”, which BANNΞRS performed on Season 16 of American Idol. The EP also includes “Firefly”, “Empires on Fire”, “Into the Storm”, and “Holy Ground”.


Lord Huron - Folk

Lord Huron was formed in 2010 by Ben Schneider as a solor project, however he has continued to add members throughout the past few years. The current members consist of Ben Schneider (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Mark Barry (drums, percussion, vocals), Miguel Briseño (bass, keys, percussion, theremin), and Tom Renaud (guitar, vocals). Lord Huron released their first album, Lonesome Dreams, in October 2012. Their next album, Strange Trails (2015) included the singles “Fool for Love”, “The World Ender”, and “The Night we Met”. All three singles topped charts in the US, and “The Night we Met” topped charts internationally and was featured in the series 13 Reasons Why. Their newest album, Vide Noir (2018) featured the chart topping singles “Never Ever”, “Ancient Names (Part 1)”,  and “Wait by the River”. Lord Huron just wrapped up their Vide Noir tour on October,and have announced another tour in spring 2019. 


hellogoodbye - Pop

hellogoodbye was formed in 2001 by students Forrest Kline and Jesse Kurvink, and quickly rose to fame after releasing their first EP, Hellogoodbye, in 2004. After several member changes, the current members include Forrest Kline (lead vocals, guitar, ukulele), Augustine Rampolla (keyboard, guitar, bass, ukulele, percussion), Andrew Richards (guitar, ukulele, mandolin), and Michael Garzon (drums, guitar, vocals, mandolin, ukulele, keyboard). They have released 5 EPs, and just released their 4th studio album, S’Only Natural (October 2018).  S’Only Natural featured the singles “Stare into the Black” and “S’Only Natural”.


D'Angelo - R&B

Michael Archer began producing music under the name D’Angelo in 1995 after releasing his first studio album, Brown Sugar. Brown Sugar was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best R&B Album, and included the singles: “Brown Sugar”, “Cruisin”, “Lady”, and “Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine”, all of which were in the Billboard Hot 100 list. He released his next studio album, Voodoo, 5 years later. Voodoo earned a Grammy for Best R&B Album. Voodoo featured the singles: “Devil’s Pie”, “Left & Right”, “Untitled (How Does it Feel)”, “Send it On”, and “Feel Like Makin’ Love”. His most recent album, Black Messiah (2014) also earned a Grammy in 2016 for Best R&B Album. The album included the single “Really Love”, which won a Grammy for Best R&B Song.


Pretty Lights - Electronic

Derek Smith and Michael Menert began the project Pretty Lights in 2004. However, Menert left the band shortly after their first studio album, Taking Up Your Precious Time, was released. Smith continued to keep Pretty Lights alive, and has released 4 EPs and 3 additional studio albums on his own. The most recent album, A Color Map of the Sun, was released in 2013, and featured the single “Around the Block”. During the past few years, Pretty Lights has steadily released singles such as: “Rainbows & Waterfalls”, “Only Yesterday”, “Lost and Found” and Give Your Love Away”. In 2017, there were whispers of a new album, but so far no additional albums have been released.

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