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The Friday Five - 11/9/18

Geri Lemmons, Contributor 

S.O.S (Sawed off Shotgun)-The Glorious Sons

“S.O.S (Sawed off Shotgun)” by The Glorious Sons is a new song that has been getting heavy rotation on the airways. The song was released July 6 and has been steadily growing in popularity. The Canadian band, however, has been accused of promoting gun violence because of some of the lyrics. The band then had to release a disclaimer for the song stating that it was indeed not about committing mass murder.

This song also tackles the growing drug problem, poverty, and mental health issues. While they cover heavy topics, the song does feel upbeat and is really easy to sing along to. To me the lyrics sound like a person who is slowly losing their mind. Also the song is super relatable to the times we are in right now, but also reminding you to dance at the same time. 

Torn in Two-Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin has been around since 1999. They first cracked the Billboard Hot 100 list with their song “Failure” and ever since then they have bee cranking out hit after hit. There latest single is the song “Torn in Two” and it is definitely one of their best songs in my opinion. The song does however have a sort of signature sound that Breaking Benjamin has always had with heavy drums and a great rhythm. Breaking Benjamin has never missed a beat and continue to release really good music.

Like most of their songs, this song’s meaning sounds really personal and very emotional. And if you want to hear more songs like this one I suggest checking out the band’s latest album, “Ember.” Also I would check out the music video for the song as well. It is the second part of a trilogy that begins with their music video, “Red Cold River.” Breaking Benjamin is a solid band and their music will forever stand the test of time. 

Loving is Easy-Rex Orange County Feat. Benny Sings

I first heard this song and really liked how it sounded like an easy going love song. It sounded like the song that we all need right now. One that is not too in your face, but also not boring as well. “Loving is Easy” is a single from Rex Orange County and it was actually released in 2017. The song has been getting some air play on the radio. I think this song is a really easy listen. It will leave you feeling happy to be in love, if you are. Or it will remind you of some really good times of your life. If you haven’t heard of Rex Orange County, I suggest checking out his music when your get the chance. He is a great artist and is definitely one to watch in the future!

Mountain Sound-Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men make music that  reminds me of bands like Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers. Music that takes you back to a certain time or give you a feel like you are time traveling. It is a nice departure from everything else on the radio and music like this gets people moving and clapping. Their folk sound is very popular, but what sets them apart is their use of male and female vocals.

I really enjoy this song whenever it comes on. It sounds upbeat and it makes you want to sing along and dance. This song is a perfect listen if you are going on a long drive or if you want to set a great mood for a backyard barbeque. “Mountain Song” fits so much with the Of Monsters and Men sound and it is worth the listen.

Figure it Out-This Wild Life

I first saw this band when I went to Warped Tour this summer. If I hadn’t lost my friend and went searching for her in the crowd, I would have never heard their music. They have a really nice laid back feel to them and they really know how to play for any size audience. This Wild Life consists of two members, Anthony Del Grosso and Kevin Jordan. Their music is acoustic and is very much stripped down.

“Figure it Out” comes off of the band’s fourth studio album titled Petaluma. The whole album is filled with the group’s signature stripped down sound. Their lyrics sound very personal and to me it follows a young person’s life as they are going through life figure out what they want and what they don’t want. Also talking about life and relationships. I am happy that I lost my friend at Warped Tour and found out about this group. They are great live and really know how to put on a great show. I ended up finding her later by the way. 

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