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Top 4 Tips to Stay Safe at a Daytime Concert

Despite the past few years’ impact on concerts and music festivals, the industry is recovering and continuing to grow. The music event market is projected to be valued at $481.4 billion by 2031. Things like music tourism—traveling to other countries for concerts and festivals—and international fanbases continue to grow and drive the demand for these happenings. It’s not just the typical evening concerts that draw crowds; multi-day events like Coachella and Lollapalooza have attracted hundreds of thousands worldwide, showcasing the high demand for music events. Daytime concerts and music festivals can be a fun and exciting experience, but safety is always a must whenever you’re attending them. Whether it’s protecting yourself from the elements or crowds, here are top tips to stay safe at a daytime concert:

Wear sunglasses

Daytime concerts held in outdoor venues will usually have you standing under the sun for long periods, which can be damaging to your eyes without protection. Prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays can increase your risk of developing eye conditions like photokeratitis or cataracts. Wearing sunglasses is the best way to keep your eyes protected during an outdoor daytime concert. Sports performance shades that double as lifestyle sunglasses can provide a great experience at a concert, as they offer excellent UV protection and a comfortable fit. You also have the option to polarize lenses, which further minimize glare for improved vision. You’ll be able to watch your favorite acts on stage without compromising your sight.

Stay hydrated

You can get quickly zapped of hydration during a daytime concert, especially in the heat, so drinking enough water throughout the day is important. You might end up feeling dehydrated or dizzy, which can be dangerous should you go longer without water. There will likely be drinks sold at the venue, but you might encounter high prices and long lines. It also might be difficult to get back into the crowd once the show starts, so it’s best to keep a water bottle with you during the concert if permitted. If bringing water into the venue isn’t allowed, ensure that you’re properly hydrated before entering. Buying water inside is still a viable option, but do buy it as early as possible to avoid missing the start of the show.

Use proper footwear

Concerts can be a fun way to show off your best outfits, but what’s fashionable isn’t always practical. Wearing sandals, heeled shoes, or shoes with minimal grip can be uncomfortable and unsafe during daytime concerts, especially in outdoor venues. You can get stepped on, risk breaking your shoe, or end up slipping. It’s best to wear proper footwear to a daytime concert to avoid any mishaps or potentially dangerous situations. The right shoes are also important for crowd safety. Sneakers, gym shoes, or high tops can help you avoid slipping and make it easier to navigate through crowds. You’d want to be able to get in and out of the venue safely, so these shoes are the best options for making sure you’re protected the whole time.

Create a plan with your companions

It can be easy to get separated from your group during a crowded and active concert, so it’s best to come up with a plan or system with your companions to avoid getting lost or confused before, during, and after the event. Figure out a meeting place outside of the venue where you can gather if you get separated during the show. You can also have a buddy system in place so that no one wanders off alone and risks getting lost. If you’re at a music festival with multiple artists, having a companion can make it safer and fun when moving around to watch various performances. Staying safe at a daytime concert is a must in order to have the most fun and comfortable experience. Though the event organizers should guarantee your safety through proper planning and provisions, it never hurts to take some safety measures yourself. For more music insights, check out the Jack River - ‘Endless Summer’ album review on our page.

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