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"Together" with Michigander

(Photo Credit - Kris Herrmann)

We had the opportunity to interview alt-star Jason Singer of Michigander fame! His new EP 'Everything Will Be OK Eventually' has dropped everywhere today via C3 Records! Be sure to check out the EP after you check out our interview.

1. With Everything Will Be OK Eventually, you expanded your sound through the use of diverse instrumentation, etc. You do this with resounding success, what made you move in this direction?

"It was out of necessity, I was home a lot more. I couldn't work on new stuff really. I was working on what I had at the time, that was primarily guitar songs. I started switching into the realm of a little more lush sound."

2. This EP's message of hope, along your past achievement very much represent the realization of every musician's dream for you in that this is what you do. You get to hear yourself on the radio now and have built a pretty great following through years of hard work and your talent. How does that feel?

"Nineties" came out as a single and did pretty good. Then "Midland" came out and it helped get me an audience. Then "Where Do We Go From Here" came out and that helped. There has always been momentum with the projecting, but with this one it just feels bigger and different. I'm doing a million interviews every day and that's never happened. I'm just stoked about it all."

3. One of my favorite lines on the entire EP comes from "Together", it's “Oh my God, the world is ending. Do you still want to meet me for dinner?”. Can you tell us how the isolation of the pandemic impacted both the making of and some of the messages in this EP?

"I think the whole thing is about how life is better with people. I think the whole thing is about weird times. I don't know that line was a specific situation or circumstance. Kind of just weird times ya know?"

4. Tell me about your favorite memory of the making of Everything Will Be OK Eventually.

"On "Saturday" that was a song we wrote a lot when we were touring. During sound checks when we were at venues, if we had time, we would practice. There were a bunch of iPhone recordings from my tour manager of us writing it. I'm excited to play it in venues because it was written in venues."

5. What's next for you after the release of Everything Will Be OK Eventually?

"I'm hoping we can tour, that's ideal. Fingers crossed that that can happen. Eventually it should be able to. Release more music next year and just keep going. I'm already starting to write what's next."

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