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Solid Ground: An Interview with fanclubwallet

Updated: May 3, 2023

(Photo Credit - Ian Filipovic)

We had an opportunity to interview Canadian singer/songwriter Hannah Judge aka fanclubwallet. Their debut LP 'You Have Got to Be Kidding Me' just dropped. To learn more about fanclubwallet, visit.

1. One area of strength in your music are your lyrics. You are witty, authentic, and funny all while making the listener feel something. How do you go about your lyric writing process?

"I find a lot of the time with lyrics, I'm just sitting down with guitar and I start saying stuff and it all comes down at once. Or sometimes I'm walking around and will see stuff and just note it down on my phone and come back to it later."

2. Though you are an experienced musician, having released several EP's and singles, this is still your first full length LP. What does this release mean to you as a musician?

"This release is really exciting for me because I felt like I got to get over being nervous in the first couple of EP's and worried about what others thought. This album I got to make stuff that was pretty true to me."

3. You have a history of visual storytelling with your art and musical storytelling with your music. How do you intertwine or balance these mediums?

"I've been making comics and art a lot longer than music. When I started making music, there was a lot of stuff I wanted to say in my comics that I couldn't. I felt that putting stuff down on paper its a little more permanent and a little easier for people to read. Whereas music can be a little more open to interpretation."

4. For this record, you recruited the help of childhood friend Michael Watson to assist with production. How was this collaborative process versus your prior experiences writing and recording?

"I've been working with Michael since the first fanclubwallet song and my first song was a washy "dream poppy" type of song was much different. I've seen them grown as a producer and I've grown in aspects of production. Working with Michael has been easy and I've worked with others in the past, but nothing is like working with Michael."

5. You had significant life changes that happened when you began writing, including a breakup, the pandemic, and leaving college. How were you able to capture the emotions from those experiences and channel it into creating these songs?

"For a lot of stuff that happens in my life I tend to brush it off, even if it's really hard. But for this album, I decided to it was okay to be upset and it was cathartic to write about these experiences and to not care if people knew what I was writing about."

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