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Columbus Against the World: Adam Paddock, JADY, et. al 

(Photo Credit: Nadia Tolar)

Opening the evening for Columbus Against the World was Summon Luke. Whether it was the moody lighting or the amazing atmosphere, Summon Luke was a solid opener for the festivities.  

Next up was Lisa Curtis. She was a well-known supporting act as there wasn't a single person in the audience who didn't scream every lyric to her set! Her fans brought insane energy to the Newport. Whether it was jumping or dancing, they set the mood for the evening. Lisa did an incredible job of harnessing the energy of the crowd, she had amazing stage presence, and beautiful lighting. 

JADY was next to the stage and this was not their first time at the Newport this year.

JADY being the main supporting act was awesome and they always put on the most dynamic shows. The energy JADY brings to stage is incredible. The showed love to both sides of stage, had great dialogue in between the set, and had a nice turnout of fans for their set. 

Last but not least was Adam Paddock. Paddock started Columbus Against the World and this was the second time the event has happened. Paddock is one of the most genuine artists I’ve ever interacted with. I had the pleasure of helping him with flyers for this event at a JADY show earlier in 2024. Adam brings energy is absolutely bananas. Jumping off speakers, his incredible crowd interaction, and stage presence are something to behold.

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