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Snowy in Colfax with Arlo Parks: A Concert Review

(Photo Credit: Anna Chaney)

I stepped into the Ogden to see the highly anticipated Arlo Parks last week in Denver, Colorado. She opened with "Bruiseless", enticing her energetic crowd to sing along. Her most dedicated fans were up on the barricade, and she didn’t spare them any attention, crouching close to the edge of the stage and pointing the microphone to her enthusiastic crowd.

Highlights included her performance of "Too Good", as the crowd grooved and sang the catchy tune in unison. Feels were felt when "Black Dog" was performed, toning down the energy to a sentimental vibe as she sang the somber lyrics about the struggles of mental health. She continued with some mellow tracks like "Purple Phase", closing out with her single "Softly".

As the crowd walked out to huge chunky snowflakes covering Colfax, it had felt like we’d walked out of a different universe, where only good music and vibes with Arlo existed. If you have a chance to see Arlo Parks live, I’d definitely recommend it.

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