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"Sugar We're Goin' Down" with Fall Out Boy and More in Columbus!

(Photo Credit: Nadia Tolar)

Fall Out Boy brought out a fantastic lineup for their evening in Columbus, OH at the Schottenstein Center. The Bill included acts such as CARR, Hot Mulligan and Jimmy Eat World. The evening brought an energy to the Schott that I haven’t seen in a long time. 

Opening the show was CARR who brought ambient lighting, blow-up dolls, and a playful physical presence that included running throughout the stage. CARR held a great set with fantastic vocals and bright energy that warmed up the crowd.

Up next, was Hot Mulligan. They brought fire to the stage with a dynamic performance that built off the energy CARR brought to the stage.

Continuing the consistent feed of energy was Jimmy Eat World. The alternative veterans continued their status of one of the veterans of the alt scene and showed their pro status on the stage. They had a great presence and stage show that highlights why they've been around so long entertaining audiences.

Fall Out Boy came out like a missile with some of the best energy I've seen on a stage in a long time. This set was absolutely insane, it had a little bit of everything; fire works, fire, and a killer set that reminds why they've been one of the most successful alt bands of all time. If you have a chance to catch this tour in your city/town, don't miss out!

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