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Pineapple Sunrise with Beach Weather and Rec Hall in Cleveland

The opener for the evening at House of Blues in Cleveland, OH, was Rec Hall and outfit from California known for their song “ She Doesn't Get It “. They opened the evening at with seven songs. This included their new EP, two unheard new songs, as well as ending their set with their hit “ She Doesn't Get It“. Rec Hall was a fantastic opener, not only did they energize the venue, but they had a solid live set! 

Next up was Phoneboy from New Jersey who fed off the opening energy from Rec Hall. Phoneboy had great stage presence and energy as well. Phoneboy played 9 songs, and consistently brought more energy with each song they played. 

Last but not least, Beach Weather from Massachusetts opened their set with “Chit Chat“ from 2016. Beach Weather had a dynamic feel, as well as an amazing stage setup. They had a vintage motel sign, lots of plants that accompanied them while they played seventeen songs. As the night went on, their set came to an end, and what better way to end the evening than playing “Sex, Drugs, Etc.“ 

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