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Love Fame Tragedy: A Conversation with Matthew 'Murph' Murphy

(Photo Credit - Kate Biel)

We're excited to share this surprise interview with Matthew 'Murph' Murphy of Love Fame Tragedy and The Wombats fame! His new EP Live from SIR, Hollywood drops today so check out what he had to say below. Don't forget to check out the new EP!

1. Can you tell us what the songs from Five Songs to Fill the Void mean to you as an artist?

"They’re really just a reflection of the world around me and an attempt to deal with the many changes that I’ve gone through in life thus far. But I guess I try to communicate that in a tongue and cheek fashion? I think?"

2. We’re really excited for the full release of your Live EP Live from Sir, Hollywood! Can you tell us what fans can expect from these live takes of your music?

"I’ve always found that songs do change when put into a live setting, I’m not really a fan of trying to make them sound exactly like the recordings. Steph, Hayley and Boaz are amazing musicians and artists and it’s fun to get their interpretations of the recorded parts. Basically it’s different and has tons of energy and I like it."

3. Can you tell us about how you approach live shows as a solo artist? Is this different from your approach from your shows with your band The Wombats and if so, how so?

"Love Fame Tragedy is still a band I guess, it’s not like I’m getting up there acoustic troubadour style. I definitely had no interest in starting a project like that. I try not to look at an LFT show any differently to a Wombats one. Ultimately I want to help create a great atmosphere, smash the hell out of the songs and watch people lose their minds for a little bit."

4. The live takes we’ve heard thus far are great, can you tell us how you came to decide to release a live EP?

"The response to the live shows initially were very positive, so I figured it was a good idea to capture them somehow."

5. Can you talk a little about how it has been releasing music in this unprecedented time with everything that’s going on with COVID-19?

It’s been a little bit strange. I’m so lucky that we got to do our UK tour just before everything kicked off properly. I think people need new releases now more than ever so I think it’s good to just get them out there. Usually you release an album and then go tour it and that’s not the case for anyone at the moment. So you either get it out there or delay the release, with this being a brand new project we all figured it was best to just get it out there.

6. What can we expect from you next?

"Album is coming out late June/early July. With shows penciled for back end of the year. Until then... I’ll be at home freaking out with my wife, baby and dogs." 

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