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Losers on Music, Misinformation, and Everything In-Between

(Photo Credit - Ben Madle)

We had the opportunity to chat with Berlin-based alt rock band Losers about their recently released EP 'EP01'! Check it out here!

1. We’re loving EP01, can you tell us about the writing and recording process for the EP?

"Thanks! Some of these tracks have been knocking about for 12 years. So it’s hard to really pin point a process because it’s been spread across such a time line. These tracks are all beautiful misfits that deserve their own space and time. That’s why we are releasing a track every 6 weeks. Accompanied with a ‘deconstructed/live’ version, plus webinar going into detail about each track. The writing the recording and the mixing."

2. On your track “Fool Anyone”, you tackle issues of misinformation, which is certainly relevant in our society today. Can you speak about how this song touches at the heart of issues we face in everyday society?

"I find it interesting that we know how bad social media is for our mental health and generally our wellbeing, yet we are still glued to it. The video is a tongue in cheek nod at this. What’s real? What’s fake? (Or fake news). The contrast brainwashing. The constant control. I’m sure most people have seen ‘The Social Dilemma’ but if you haven’t…you should."

3. You have seen your music used on everything from Game of Thrones to The Blacklist. How does it feel to hear your music included in such impactful series?

"It’s something I want to do more of that’s for sure. To score a movie would be the goal. I’m meeting with a bunch of producers in the coming month so we’ll see how those meetings go."

4. Your sound is expansive in that it incorporates a diverse array of genres, including electronic, alt, industrial, and more. In an age where artists are often pigeonholed into categories, how do you stay above that fray?

"We’ve just always done what we like. We have rock days, we have electronics days, we have indie days, dance days. It can be confusing. Even for us. But we love existing in our own space and visiting different worlds and when we please."

5. What’s next for you?

"We’re gonna keep releasing a new track every 6 weeks until we run out of tracks. Each track will be followed by a live version and a webinar. EP02 later in the year. More work with the wonderful folk at Decentraland and live shows."

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