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#HotTake Review - The Mammoths: "Livin' In"

Austin's own The Mammoths are back with another fantastic single titled "Livin' In"! What ensues on the track is a psychedelic-tinged, blues dripped, rock song that has a little something for everyone. We already know the guys from The Mammoths can write a banger, but with this one they have really continued to evolve. It features fantastic slide guitar, gripping trippy solos from Michael Jekot, a steady foundation from Tyler Rush's bass work and Tim Durand's drums, and David Kapsner's signature vocal style. All this comes together to make something special that I just kept playing on repeat. I'm sure once you listen to it, you will too.

I'd also like to take a minute to mention their fantastically done music video that accompanies the track. It features dynamic illustration that continues to push the psychedelic envelope, much in the vein of a Hunter S. Thompson/Ralph Steadman Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas aesthetic. I have to say hands down, this is my music video of 2020 so far and it's not close. With this video, the Mammoths show that not only do they continue to grow musically, but they do so visually as well. I keep saying this, but feel it needs to be said again, you better hop on board of The Mammoths train. It's headed to big places.

Rating - 5/5

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