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#HotTake Review - Sir Woman: 'Bitch'

#HotTake Review - Sir Woman: Bitch (October 16, 2020)

Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child has recently ventured into a solo project called Sir Woman and today she's releasing her debut EP Bitch. The music is a departure from Wild Child's acoustic folk feel. On Bitch, Wilson offers a more classic feeling sound, incorporating elements of jazz and soul music. The strings and accompanying guitar pair perfectly with Wilson's vocals as they are presented within this new backdrop.

The EP's namesake was our favorite track of the release. It was also cool to hear that Wilson is selling "Bitch" necklaces for the release of the single with 20% of the proceeds going to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, that defends the rights of Black transgender individuals. It's great when good musicians choose to use their platform to benefit others. Another strong performer from the album is "Thinkin' Bout Tomorrow", a track about picking up and moving on. Truth be told, it's best to just start the EP and let Wilson take you on a musical journey with Bitch. All the songs are strong and they're so different from what we've seen Wilson do in the past. In short, Bitch represents a musical evolution for Wilson and some solid alternative music that pays homage to music of the past.

Rating - 4/5

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