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#HotTake Review - Rituals of Mine: 'HYPE NOSTALGIA' (Remixes)

(Photo Credit - Jeffrey LaTour)

#HotTake Review - Rituals of Mine: HYPE NOSTALGIA (Remixes)

October 2011, Radiohead released TKOL RMX1234567. According to Jess Harvell, a contributor to Pitchfork, it was “a listenable but ultimately bloodless collection of remixes of songs from The King of Limbs.” He went on to state, “Whether intimidated by the thought of reinterpreting a band renowned for experimentation or unsure how to take apart and reassemble the band’s tightly-wound recent material, too many of these 19 artists seem content to settle for bland beauty, or simply apply their usual sonic tricks without pushing themselves in the slightest.”

I love The King of Limbs, and after reading the TKOL RMX1234567 review, I knew I had to listen to the collection. Although I only listened to it a couple of times, I understood from the beginning that the goals of the collection were different from those of the album. Musicians and artists create, recreate, and remix music for many reasons; To appreciate it, listeners need to be open. Today, Rituals of Mine released the EP HYPE NOSTALGIA (Remix), and because I love the original LP, I had to give it a listen.

I am a fan of Rituals of Mine and of music in general. In December, I wrote an article about the Music Connection Game, starting with one musician and seeing where the music can lead you. A collection of remixes can take away all of the footwork. In HYPE NOSTALGIA (Remixes), we go to Philadelphia, Oakland, Phoenix, and Kelowna, Canada. (Sorry, I couldn’t find out much about Wes Jones.) It opens paths for musicians that may not have been there, which is especially important after the hit that musicians took in 2020 with the Pandemic.

All of that being said, the remixes on the new Rituals of Mine EP are all accessible. They push the limits and introduce new layers but never venture too far from the original. The artists respect Rituals of Mine while offering a fresh take to new audiences, which serves everyone involved. It is the basis of a healthy and strong music industry. Lift each other to help one another.

Final Thoughts: I know I did not go into the songs’ specifics, but as I said, they are all accessible. They work together to create twenty plus minutes of cohesive music. However, if you need me to make comparisons, I will say the tempo on (Remixes) is a little livelier. They are 10:30 PM compared to the original, which is 3:30 AM.

Favorite Song: “Trauma – Tune-Yards Remix”

Rating - 5/5 (Yes, I have been loving the music that I have reviewed)

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