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#HotTake Review - Kurt Vile: 'Speed, Sound, Lonely, KV (ep)'

(Photo Credit - Matador Records)

Kurt Vile: Speed, Sound, Lonely, KV (ep) (October 2, 2020) via Matador Records

Kurt Vile has returned with his new EP Speed, Sound, Lonely, KV (ep) and I'm here for it. The EP started as an homage to the music of John Prine, one of Vile's musical heroes and even features Prine accompanying Vile on a cover of the former's song "How Lucky". The EP features an additional cover of Prine (Speed of The Sound of Loneliness), a cover of “Cowboy” Jack Clement, and two originals.

This EP is like watching a kid living his dream. Vile is taking the older country style that is always somewhat present in his music and expanding this. The results are fantastic as Vile continues to show why he's one of the best in the alternative world at what he does. My favorite track on the album is hands down the cover duet of "How Lucky" with John Prine. The two men's intertwining guitar work is exceptional and it's great to hear Prine's voice on something after his passing in April.

Originals "Dandelions" and "Pearls" are strong additions to the Vile catalog. Having seen the man play in concert twice, I'm truly hopeful he incorporates these two tracks into his live show. In short, I'm going to say, anytime you get new Kurt Vile (and new John Prine!) it's a good thing. This heavily acoustic EP strikes all the right chords with me and if you're a Kurt Vile fan I think it will with you as well. If you're new to him, give it a listen it's certainly not completely in line with his more electric guitar themed work, but it's awesome to see him stretch a bit with this one.

Rating - 5/5

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