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EP Review: Purity Ring - 'graves'

Updated: May 3, 2023

Canadian dream-pop duo Purity Ring are back with their graves EP. This is their follow-up to 2020's Womb, which was the band's third full-length LP. Corin Roddick (instruments/production) and Megan James (vocals) have made something that's interesting and firmly pointing towards more pop stylings. The sounds on the tracks are varied, but thematically similar enough to not feel out of place.

For example, "soshy" has an almost ethereal feel to both Roddick's beats and James' vocals. Whereas "neverend"is more traditional dream-pop, with a heavy pop tilt. "watersong" might be Roddick's most interesting set of beats on the EP. As the highs sound like water dripping the way they are placed over the lows. It's truly an awesome musical experience.

With an increased emphasis on releasing music faster, singles and EP's have become increasingly popular. That has not always been something I have been in favor for in this space. However, graves is totally worth your time. It has full contextually realized melodies, vocals, and themes that keep you going, even with it's small serving size. If you're a Purity Ring fan, chances are you were going to be paying admission anyway. However, if you have never really gotten into the band before, I'd recommend checking it out.

Rating - 4/5

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